The Smart Performance Study

Can we use smartwatch data to improve performance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any risks to me during this study?

A. This is a passive study - we collect data regarding your daily activities and apply no intervention. We securely transfer and store the data collected.

Q. Why do you have both a retrospective study and an ongoing study?

A. Our retrospective bone injury study will focus on historical bone stress injuries. The ongoing menstrual impact study asks for monthly recall of menses onset as it is difficult for participants to recall menstrual onset dates from more than a month ago

Q. I am pregnant. Can I take part in either study?

A. If you are not due to give birth within 3 months then you can take part in the retrospective bone injury study. Unfortunately, you are not eligible for the prospective menstrual study.

Q. Why are pregnant and menopausal women excluded from the prospective menstrual study?

A. We exclude non-menstruating women from the prospective menstrual impact study, including pregnant women, because we are specifically interested in the impact of menstrual cycle on heart rate for a given effort during exercise. Although the effect of pregnancy, menopause and menstrual dysfunction are important understudied areas, this particular study will focus on changes in a typical menstrual cycle.

Q. What will you do with my data?

A. We will analyze training data from your smartwatch in conjunction with answers to injury questionnaires, and where relevant, menstrual questionnaires. We aim to gain a better understanding of how load may predict stress fracture incidence and how the menstrual cycle impacts performance. Data will be will anonymized and securely stored.

Q. If my data is 'ineligible' what will you do with it?

A. We will delete it within 48 hours.


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