The Smart Performance Study

Can we use smartwatch data to improve performance?

Goal 1: Improve injury risk prediction

Can we quantify training loads using stride and pace data to predict stress-fracture risk? We analyse training versus injury incidence.

Goal 2: Quantify menstrual cycle impact

Does heart rate for a given effort change across the menstrual cycle? What impact does contraception have? Understanding these relationships can better inform future interventions.

How will the study work?

The following will be collected online:

Protocol Schematic

Inclusion criteria for all studies

To take part in the injury risk study or menstrual cycle impact study you must:

  • Be age 18-45
  • Reside in the United States or the United Kingdom
  • And, in the past two years:
  • Run 4 runs per week when uninjured
  • Consistently recorded ( 90% of the time) training data with a GPS-enabled smartwatch with built-in or chest-mounted heart rate monitor
  • Have uploaded your training data to Garmin Connect

Exclusion criteria for menstrual cycle impact study

To take part in the menstrual cycle impact study (monthly questionnaire) you must meet the inclusion criteria and also NOT:

  • be non-female
  • be pregnant or breast-feeding
  • have menstrual cycles that have terminated due to menopause or medical intervention (eg. chemotherapy).
  • be post-menopausal and on hormonal therapy that induces menstruation

Interested in a $20 Amazon gift card?

If you believe you are eligible to take part you will be asked to give consent before enrolling in the study.

We will group you as recreational, semi-elite or elite based on age-graded performance (see HERE).



Injury risk study

You will receive a $20 Amazon gift card as payment for your participation in the baseline study until our caps in the following categories are reached.

Menstrual cycle impact study

You will receive an additional reimbursement in the form of Amazon gift cards if you are eligible for, and complete the monthly menstrual cycle questionnaire for an additional 5 months, up to 150 participants. Reimbursement is as follows:

  • Month 1: $5 amazon voucher
  • Month 2: $5 amazon voucher
  • Month 3: $5 amazon voucher
  • Month 4: $5 amazon voucher
  • Month 5: $15 amazon voucher

We will notify participants on our website before consenting if we have reached our caps in the above categories. We cannot reimburse participants once our caps are reached.
Surveys from individuals who do not meet inclusion criteria will not be used, and the associated individuals will not be reimbursed.
Note that we cannot accept data where heart rate has not been recorded, as specified in our inclusion criteria.

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